Nasya Oil

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Infused with Ayurvedic healing mantra. Tested on family & friends. Handcrafted in small batches with love.


Nasal Drops

  • Lubricates the nasal passages
  • Soothes and cleanses the tissues

The nose is the doorway to consciousness. It is the entrance for prana, the life force, which comes into the body through the breath. Healthy breathing is important to ensure proper flow of prana throughout the head and body. Administration of herbally infused oil, or nasya, helps facilitate the cleansing process. Nasya Oil soothes the nasal passage while nourishing the tissues.

Suggested Use:

With head tilted back, place 3 to 5 drops into each nostril and sniff.


Cold pressed Sesame oil, Eucalyptus essential oil.


Nasya can prove to be an effective remedy for nasal congestion, allergies, sinusitis, headaches, migraine, rhinitis, and other nasal infections.

Size 10 ml


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